Sustainable thinking

Sustainability is important in the ornamentals sector. More and more suppliers and customers are demanding responsible attitudes and production methods. As a supplier to the ornamentals sector, we feel a strong commitment to the environment, and environmental measures form a serious part of our daily business operations.

We have been a leading and specialized producer of botanical products for more than 80 years. Through our services and products, we contribute to the turnover of our Dutch and international customers. We have a positive working environment, which forms the basis for the tailored advice and products we offer, thus providing all the necessary communication and encouraging the consumer to make purchases.

Our unique company structure is geared towards continuity and staff participation. We offer our employees a healthy working environment, within which the working climate is based on mutual respect, development, and trust.

We are a sustainable, reliable, and stable partner for our customers, employees, and business contacts.


Sustainable production

Our commitment to developments in nature and the environment is reflected in the way in which raw materials are selected and managed within the company and in details such as the sorting and separate collection of industrial waste. We recycle all cardboard and plastic waste, minimize ink and chemical waste, and follow our multi-year programme aimed at energy-efficient production.

All our sustainability objectives are SMART formulated and are overseen by an MT member with final responsibility. Where possible, these objectives form part of our ISO 9001:2015 certification. Thanks to our quality management system, we are also FSC®C007957– and PEFC certified. All our paper types are made from trees from responsibly managed forests.

On the basis of membership of Benefits of Nature, we are affiliated to a network of progressive parties in the horticultural sector. Benefits of Nature calculates and improves the carbon footprint of products and the international agricultural and horticultural businesses that make them. We have set up a steering committee that aims to reduce the carbon footprint calculation on all fronts within our organization in cooperation with Benefits of Nature.


Sustainable together

We are always looking for connections through cooperation within the chain of the botanical sector. The wishes of our customers are the focal point, and the aim is for long-term cooperation. We are happy to advise on the use of ‘green’ materials such as FSC cardboard and biodegradable plastics. We strengthen our customer relationship by proactively contributing ideas and suggestions, providing information, relieving customers of some of the work and hassle, and delivering high-quality products. Your products can only be considered truly ‘green’ if the label or packaging is carbon neutral and printed on bio-materials or on FSC or PEFC cardboard.

If you want to keep abreast of our socially-responsible approach and developments in sustainable entrepreneurship, or if you are interested in one of our other products or services, please feel free to contact us.

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