From idea to packaging | 2022

All the changes are putting us to the test, both as a company and as people. 2022 is all about embracing new values, lifestyles, and goals. Fresh Start, Breezy Bright, Wellness Bubble, and Traditional Sentiment are the four themes of our inspiration boards for this year. Entice and inspire consumers with your product in the Traditional Sentiment style.

Traditional Sentiment

September 2022

Redesigned, streamlining, or magnifying traditional forms is leading to new designs with a warm and rich colour palette. The designs used to feature a chequered version with a reworked yet recognizable character, as well as a stylized Paisley textile motif. Your green product will offer added value that is sure to excite both young and older customers.

Breezy Bright

June 2022

Breezy Bright radiates optimism. In a sense, it means enjoying a cheerfully coloured interior or exterior. Flowers, flowering plants, colourful borders that are a little wild, and cheerful picking gardens represent green happiness and the cherry on the cake. The colours, typography, and designs used are – as expected – cheerful and a little bit unique. Powerful pastel shades such as pink, mint green and soft orange alternated by brighter accents stand out thanks to cartoonish typography. In short, they are striking and unmissable. Ceramics, coloured glass, practical plastics, textiles, raffia and granite are materials that fit perfectly within the Breezy Bright style. The materials can be natural, artisanal, and practical at the same time.

Fresh start

March 2022

With many people working from home, our homes have become multifunctional spaces. Foliage, variegated, and air-purifying plants ensure a healthy indoor environment and give spaces a fresh look. Featuring patterns based on natural textures and formatted in white combined with natural hues, our labels and SmartCups® reinforce this fresh look and fresh start to 2022!

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